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  • It’s time again for the annual Sleigh and Cutter medallion hunt. The medallion is hidden within the city limits of Waseca. It is on public property that is accessible twenty four hours daily.  Have fun and good luck!!

    Week 1

    The medallion hunt is here and we know all of the citizens are getting antsy

    Keep an eye on the clues and you will be able purchase something fancy

    Closely you will need to look at the clues

    Or the prize you will certainly lose

    Keep that mind of yours on track

    Where you’ll go it can lead to a place you can go back

    At the start of the quest go  North

    Then you will be able to hunt something of worth

    But to all of you a I wish good luck

    Now go out and find those chamber bucks.

    Week 2

    Every year you go out into the cold to beat cabin fever

    To find this medallion you must not be an underachiever

    As you walk the path towards success you may hit a mental wall

    But please note You will hear whistles, cheers, and rahs in the fall

    Winters chill, snow, and wind of course is in the air

    But where you walk it is normally fair

    This puzzle will involve quite some trekking

    But keep on going it will get interesting

    With this next clue I give hint hint, and cough cough

    There is an area in which you will hunt that you need to trail off

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    Identify FROSTY and win some cash! Prize money totaling $1,750.00, is waiting to be won. FROSTY is a Waseca County resident chosen to be an ambassador for the Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival. Follow the clues and guess FROSTY’S name.

    Grand prize is $350.00. If you are at the official unmasking at 9:30 p.m., on Friday, February 7, 2020, you will win an additional $50.00. Unmasking is at the annual Sleigh & Cutter dinner and dance at the VFW Club 113 West Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN.  First correct guess from Janesville, New Richland and Waseca win $150.00; and if you are at the unmasking you will win an additional $50.00.  Only five names will be drawn for $100 – must be present. Five names win $50.00 – attendance is not necessary.

    Contest rules:

    1. Clues are published by the Waseca County News (wasecacountynews.com and Facebook); NRHEG Star Eagle; Waseca Chamber of Commerce; and KOWZ/KRUE radio.
    2. One guess allowed each week.
    3. Each entry must have name and complete address.
    4. Entrant must live in Waseca County and be over 18 years of age.
    5. If there are multiple correct guesses, a drawing will be made to determine winner.
    6. If there are no correct guesses, a drawing will be made from all entries received.
    7. Entries must be received before 3:00 p.m., on February 7, 2020.
    8. Submit entries to:
      1.  WASECA:  Submit entry at GOLDEN TOUCH BEAUTE SALON; 110 South State, Waseca, MN  56093; or via mail.
      2. JANESVILLE:  Mail or drop off at GOLDEN TOUCH BEAUTE SALON; mark your entry as Janesville.
      3. NEW RICHLAND:  Drop off at NRHEG STAR EAGLE NEWS; or mail to GOLDEN TOUCH BEAUTE SALON, mark your entry as New Richland.


    Frosty sponsors:   CULLIGAN, LATHAM PLACE, iWEALTH – Brad Connors, DOMINO’S, MEDIACOM, LAKE SHORE INN and WASECA SLEIGH & CUTTER FESTIVAL.  Please thank these sponsors for supporting the 23rd Annual Frosty Contest!


    Updated for 70th Festival

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  • 2020 Frosty Clues               

    Can you guess who Frosty is? Be sure to read the Frosty rules carefully! They are written in limerick style again this year. A limerick is a poem consisting of five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines must have seven to ten syllables while rhyming and having the same verbal rhythm. The third and fourth lines only have to have five to seven syllables, and have to rhyme with each other and have the same rhythm. Each week two verses will be given.

    Week 1          

    Frosty’s the youngest of four

    But surely not one to ignore

    Forever a Jay

    Committed to stay   

    A loyal Wasecan two score


    Chatting about your hometown

    Frosty will have the lowdown

    With facts iron-clad

    A true nineties grad

    Earning a crown, cap, and gown

    Week 2

    Attended the U of M

    Most likely causing mayhem

    But once back at home

    No longer to roam

    Waseca became Frosty’s gem


    Always a fierce advocate

    Without becoming upset

    Booster of schools

    Changer of rules

    Armed with determined mindset