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    Operation Overwatch - Friday, May 27, 11 a.m. - Monday, May 30 - 11 a.m. - Waseca County Courthouse

    A Missing Man table will be watched for approximately 72 hours.  Donations received will be donated to the Memorial Day Association and the Waseca County Veterans Memorial.  For more information or to volunteer to help with this event go to Facebook page Waseca County Yellow Ribbon, stop in at 4-Seasons, call 507-676-0852, or email wasecayellowribbon@gmail.com

    The candidate filing period for Federal, State, County, and Soil & Water Conservation is May 17-31. Candidates filing for Federal and State offices file with the Secretary of State, County Commissioners and Soil & Water Conservation file with the County Auditor's office.

    The candidate filing period for Mayor, City Council and School Board is August 2-16. Candidates filing for Mayor and City Council file at City Hall; School Board file at the School District Office.


    Minnesota businesses, like homeowners, pay property taxes to their local governments. However, unlike homeowners, they pay an extra tax that goes straight into the state’s general fund. Since 2002, more than $10 billion has been sent from our communities to the state to pay for this extra property tax.

    On top of that, the tax is on auto pilot. It increases every year without any vote of the Legislature. We have no say. Soon, this tax will take $1 billion every year out of our local economies. That’s money that employers could use to invest in their employees and their businesses.

    Whether it’s a main street retailer, a tenant in a larger building or a manufacturer in the industrial park, businesses face this tax burden whether they are profitable or not.  And it goes up automatically every year. 

    Urge Senator Jensen and Representative John Petersburg to provide some tax relief for our local businesses by eliminating the automatic inflator and reducing the statewide property tax this year. 

    It’s hard enough to grow companies and create jobs without adding yet another cost on Minnesota job creators. Let’s reduce Minnesota’s extra property tax and keep that money in our home communities.

    Kim Foels, President

    Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Minnesota Deed site has a new cost of living tool, it provides a yearly estimate of the basic-needs cost of living in MN by county, region, and statewide. It compares hourly wages, child care costs, food, healthcare, housing costs, taxes etc. You’ll find Waseca County is a great place to call home, and enjoy a quality of life, terrific business support, good careers, affordable housing and a charming environment. What makes Waseca County attractive is its small- towns, contentment among residents, great schools and the quality of life has always been a top priority. Come and visit, you’ll fall in love with our communities. We live here, we work here, and we love it here! So will you. Consider a move to our great county! Check it out, the numbers display Waseca County as affordable in many areas.http://mn.gov/deed/data/data/data-tools/col/ For more information on What’s Happening/Events in Waseca area check out www.wasecachamber.com

    The Leisure and Hospitality Industry 2014 report is now out for Waseca County! Waseca County increased the economic impact by $1,082,236! Increased by 19 more jobs! The 2014 gross sales area $14,339,431.

    Great income and job growth for our area businesses in Accommodations, Food, Services/Drinking Establishments, Arts, Entertainment and Recreation sectors. Visitors/Travelers in Minnesota spend 12.5% on food, 21% lodging, 17% shopping, and 16% recreation.

    Minnesota Business Benchmarks is a collection of key economic indicators that measure Minnesota’s competitiveness and the health of our economy. Created by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce using comprehensive, objective data that rank Minnesota among other states, the report provides insight and analysis to help inform the public and decision-makers. Read more...

    DevelopMN - This plan is the result of a collaborative effort of the members that make up the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations. It was developed out of the need for an economic development strategy for greater Minnesota that would align strategic economic development efforts around the state, and leverage resources at all levels for a greater overall development impact. Read more.....

    November 2015

    Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce becomes another business group to lobby for Highway 14
    ST. PAUL—The Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce voted last week to become a member of the U.S. Highway 14 Partnership, an advocacy organization fighting for improvements that will make Highway 14 safer and more accommodating to the large volume of commercial traffic that uses it every day. The Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce joins more than 60 other businesses, chambers of commerce and local governments in southern Minnesota who are calling for the state to “fix it now” through their membership in the Partnership.  Read more...