• Grow Your Business

    Imagine your business in the Waseca area.  Access, Resources, Solutions, and Talent is a big factor in whether a company chooses to relocate to a region.  The Waseca area has a strong pipeline K-12 to higher education.  Area colleges offerings - engineering, nursing, accounting, business, automotive, agribusiness, computer technology, GIS systems, manufacturing production technology, renewable energy, transportation, construction, and more.  Area Schools and Colleges

    DEED's updated employment tool can help - What are the trends for jobs in high demand? A new online tool is providing information to jobseekers and students, either a statewide view or by region right down to occupations with growing demand and how much those careers pay. The state's Graduate Employment Outcomes tool has been enhanced to display job and earnings of graduates by program at 141 higher education institutions in Minnesota.

    Top Ten Amenities:

    • Airport
    • City & County Parks and trails
    • County Museum & Art Center
    • High speed internet (in most rural areas)
    • Lakes (Clear Lake and Loon Lake)
    • Mayo Clinic Health System
    • Quality housing
    • SMART Transit (public transportation)
    • Top notch schools
    • Waterpark

    GROW MINNESOTA! Initiative

    The Waseca Area Chamber participates in the Minnesota Chamber’s Grow Minnesota! This program operates in partnership with more than 60 local and regional chambers of commerce and collectively conducts close to 1000 Minnesota business visits a year.

    Waseca Chamber conducts personal visits to Waseca area businesses each year.  We receive a first-hand look at our local economy and the information that is collected helps drive local and state public policy. The primary focus of Grow Minnesota! is to retain Minnesota businesses and encourage them to expand here.

    In addition to our local Waseca Chamber doing face-to-face visits with our businesses, Grow Minnesota! initiative provides 24/7 assistance via its online business resources.  We encourage you to use the Grow MN! business resource webpages (http://www.mnchamber.com/grow-minnesota-business-resources). 

    The webpages feature existing regional and statewide business resources in seven categories: Business Financing, Entrepreneurship, Environment & Energy Resources, Exporting/Importing, Research & Data Tools, Start & Manage a Business, and Workforce Development.  Additionally, the webpages allow businesses to request personalized assistance that will be researched and handled in a timely manner by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Grow MN! staff. 


    Waseca’s business tradition has an entrepreneurial spirit and a large variety of businesses-retail, automotive, recreation and professional.

    Leading in manufacturing & technology

    Waseca is thriving and flourishing due to strong industry clusters, infrastructure, natural resources and labor pool accessibility. Twenty-five percent of private sector jobs in Waseca are in manufacturing and information technology. Key players can be found in these industries: printing and printing support, ethanol production, manufacturing of food, and machinery and specialty industries in electronics and electrical components.

    The growth of telecommunications, data networks and the wireless industry together with the close proximity to agricultural products and other raw materials have attributed to the success of the area. There are over 10 higher education institutions within a 50 mile radius of Waseca which continually fill the need for a strong skilled workforce.

    US Highway 14 is a major highway running from coast to coast and is an interregional corridor that connects New Ulm, Mankato, Owatonna, Rochester and Winona. Originally constructed as a two-lane highway, the expansion of Highway 14 to a four-lane corridor between Rochester and Mankato will improve safety and commerce.

    Waseca’s major employers include:


    • Mediacom
    • Birds Eye Foods/Conagra
    • Itron, Inc.
    • Walmart
    • Mayo Clinic Health System
    • Cinch Connectivity Solutions
    • ELM Homes, Inc.
    • Winegar, Inc.
    • ICAN, Inc.
    • Waseca Public Schools