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  •  Frosty Contest Rules:


    Identify FROSTY and win some cash! Prize money totaling $1,750.00, is waiting to be won. FROSTY is a Waseca County resident chosen to be an ambassador for the Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival. Follow the clues and guess FROSTY’S name.

    Grand prize is $350.00. If you are at the official unmasking at 9:30 p.m., on Friday, February 17, 2023, you will win an additional $50.00. Unmasking is at the VFW Club 113 West Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN.  First correct guess from Janesville, New Richland and Waseca win $150.00; and if you are at the unmasking you will win an additional $50.00.  Only five names will be drawn for $100 – must be present. Five names win $50.00 – attendance is not necessary.

    Contest rules:

    1. Clues are published by the Waseca County News ( and Facebook); NRHEG Star Eagle; Waseca Chamber of Commerce; and KOWZ/KRUE radio.
    2. One guess allowed each week.
    3. Each entry must have name and complete address. Entries without complete information will not be entered.
    4. Entrant must live in Waseca County and be over 18 years of age.
    5. If there are multiple correct guesses, a drawing will be made to determine winner.
    6. If there are no correct guesses, a drawing will be made from all entries received.
    7. Entries must be received before 3:00 p.m. February 17, 2023.
    8. Submit entries to:
      1.  WASECA:  Submit entry at Waseca Music; 111 South State, Waseca, MN  56093; or via mail.
      2. JANESVILLE:  Mail or drop off at Waseca Music; mark your entry as Janesville.
      3. NEW RICHLAND:  Drop off at NRHEG STAR EAGLE NEWS; or mail to Waseca Music - mark your entry as New Richland.


    Frosty sponsors:   CULLIGAN, LATHAM PLACE, iWEALTH – Brad Connors, DOMINO’S, MEDIACOM, LAKE SHORE INN and EXCEL ENERGY.  Please thank these sponsors for supporting the 25th Annual Frosty Contest!

    Clue 1:
    2022 is now in the past,
    And with that brings the new year
    And the beginning of the 73rd Annual Sleigh and Cutter Festival,
    Meaning the 2023 Frosty Contest is here.
    Who will be the first ones,
    To guess whois behind the mask?
    The rules give you all you need to know,
    So, no need to ask!
    Week by week,
    A new clue will emerge,
    With information about their identity,
    To help your thoughts and guesses converge.
    As is tradition,
    Frosty is well known,
    And in Waseca
    Their family has grown.

    Clue 2:
    Have you begun to rack your brain,
    and put together a list?
    Guessing the identity of Frosty
    Is not something to be missed.
    Raised in Waseca,
    But leaving state for college,
    Frosty returned to their home roots,
    To share their wealth of knowledge.
    Raising their children,
    While building a career,
    Frosty has made an impact
    On those close and dear.
    While not at work,
    Frosty can be found,
    Ice fishing in the winter,
    In summer, camping on North Shore ground.

    Clue 3:
    To give you an age range,
    And to add to what you have been told,
    Frosty, born in the 70s,
    On average, is not that old.
    Graduating in the 90s,
    From Waseca Senior High,
    Frosty and their many siblings,
    Kept their parents busy thats no lie.
    Much like their parents,
    Waseca is where Frosty has stayed.
    Not following in their footsteps,
    But Frostys work ethic they laid.
    Working in different seasons,
    But their favorite job so far,
    Has been coaching the littles,
    Building an athletic star.

    Clue 4:

    This week brings with it,
    Frosty clue number four.
    With only five being released,
    Next week means there is just one more.
    Study the clues,
    and review the facts,
    Frostys contribution to the community,
    Their presence, young lives it impacts.
    Described as approachable and encouraging
    In 2000, the career they did embark,
    Working alongside peers and faculty,
    Helping many meet their mark.
    23 years and running,
    Frosty has worked in their role,
    Moving up in the ranks,
    Now Frosty is in control.

    Clue 5:

    Before Frostyō€¨›s identity is revealed,
    At the Sleigh and Cutter Dinner and Dance,
    Make your guess by Friday the 17th,
    3:30 p.m., that will be your last chance.
    Married since 2003,
    Frosty has built a life,
    Adding three new additions,
    Together with his loving wife.
    Re-read the last line,
    And quickly you will realize.
    Frosty, a man from Waseca
    Is one that many do idolize.
    Use the first four clues,
    Plus what you learned from this one,
    enter your final guess,
    And wait to see if you won!


    Updated for 73rd  Festival




    The medallion is hidden outdoors, on public property within the Waseca city limits. A $1,750 prize of Chamber Dollars and store certificates will be awarded to the person who finds the medallion. Bring the medallion to Waseca Ace Hardware. Clues will be published each week in the Waseca County News and New Richland Star. Clues will also be broadcast on KRUE and KOWZ Radio and will be available online at Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce at


    The hunt is sponsored by: Ace Hardware, Waseca County News, KEEN Bank, Excel Energy, KOWZ/KRUE Radio, Waseca VFW Club 1642 and M Peters Enterprises. Please thank these sponsors for supporting the 26th Annual Medallion Hunt!

    The Medallion has been found as of 1/28/2023

    Updated for 73nd Festival