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    Identify FROSTY and win some cash! Prize money totaling $1,750.00 is waiting to be won. FROSTY is a Waseca County resident chosen to be an ambassador for the Waseca Sleigh & Cutter Festival. Follow the clues and guess FROSTY’S name.

    Grand prize is $350.00. If you are at the official unmasking at 9:00 p.m., on Friday, February 16, 2024, you will win an additional $50.00. Unmasking is at the VFW Club 113 West Elm Avenue, Waseca, MN. First correct guess from Janesville, New Richland and Waseca win $150.00; and if you are at the unmasking you will win an additional $50.00. Only five names will be drawn for $100 – must be present. Five names win $50.00 – attendance is not necessary.

    Contest rules:

    1. Clues are published by the Waseca County News ( and Facebook); NRHEG Star Eagle; Waseca Chamber of Commerce; and KOWZ/KRUE radio. 

    2. One guess allowed each week.
    3. Each entry must have a name and complete address. Entries without complete information will not be entered.
    4. Entrants must live in Waseca County and be over 18 years of age.
    5. If there are multiple correct guesses, a drawing will be made to determine the winner. 

    6. If there are no correct guesses, a drawing will be made from all entries received.
    7. Entries must be received before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, February 16th, 2024.
    8. Submit entries to:

    1. WASECA: Submit entry at Waseca Music; 111 South State, Waseca, MN 56093; or via mail.
    2. JANESVILLE: Mail or drop off at Waseca Music; mark your entry as Janesville.
    3. NEW RICHLAND: Drop off at NRHEG STAR EAGLE NEWS; or mail to Waseca Music - mark your entry as New Richland.

    Frosty sponsors: CULLIGAN, iWEALTH, Brad Connors, DOMINOS, MEDIACOM, ICAN, SUBURBAN FURNITURE, and EXCEL ENERGY. Please thank these sponsors for supporting the 27th Annual Frosty Contest!

    Frosty: Week 1 Clue - 2024 

    It’s that time of year again, 

    As we say hello to 2024, 

    And enter the 74th Festival season, 

    The Frosty contest is one not to ignore. 

    Much like the past 27 years, 

    And in Sleigh and Cutter tradition, 

    This year’s Frosty

    To the Waseca community, is an addition. 

    Follow along each week,

    As there is money you have a chance to win. 

    Compile the information and make a guess, 

    For the contest, today it will begin. 

    Will you pass Frosty in public,

    As you support businesses in town? 

    Likely, that is very possible. 

    Use the clues to narrow Frosty down. 

    Frosty: Week 2 Clue - 2024 

    Like all that have come before, 

    This year’s Frosty calls Waseca Home. 

    All these years, Remaining in the area

    Away from Waseca, they did not roam. 

    To Waseca, 

    Frosty is tried and true 

    Graduating as a 2-sport athlete, 

    A Bluejay Forever - Go. Big. Blue.

    But first, Growing up on a farm, 

    Located on the outskirts of town, 

    Frosty helped in raising animals and crops. 

    In the fall, they helped to knock them down. 

    Moving to town, 

    Not long after 

    Frosty continued their hard work

    Filling the air with laughter. 

    Week 3 Frosty Clue - 2024 

    Have the clues given enough?

    Who will be the first to guess? 

    There’s little to go off of, 

    That I must confess. 

    To add some more facts

    And aid in the identification, 

    This year’s Frosty 

    Is a wealth of information. 

    Supporting the Legion 

    A member for 50 years plus 

    The stories in their time, 

    That would be something to discuss. 

    50 years a member, 

    Gives clue to Frosty’s age 

    Born in the late 40s,

    A clue to help you gauge.  

    Week 4 - Frosty Clue 2024 

    Now Frosty is in Week 4, 

    His identity is still hidden. 

    Make multiple guesses if needed, 

    That is not forbidden. 

    Let’s bring back some basics, 

    Frosty, he raised two daughters,  

    And with 6 grandkids he shared 

    his love of looking over the waters. 

    Enjoying time hunting and fishing, 

    Supporting in many ways, 

    Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited, 

    Has been Life long, it wasn’t just a phase. 

    Frosty enjoys his waterfowl, 

    Collections he has around ,

    Duck and geese decoys alike 

    Dozens to be used on the ground.

    Week 5: Frosty Clue 2024 

    Have you made your final guess? 

    Do you think that you know? 

    It’s okay if you don’t, 

    Sometimes that’s how it goes. 

    The final clue, 

    To give you the final pieces, 

    Frosty may have helped,

    If you were signing leases 

    Now a fact, the identity, 

    This may just give it away 

    Western shirts, a statement 

    Frosty wears during the day 

    On a day, Frosty can be found 

    At the fairgrounds, doing his thing 

    Saying his words fast, 

    Much like the song you can sing 













    The medallion is hidden outdoors, on public property within the Waseca city limits. A $1,750 prize of Chamber Dollars and store certificates will be awarded to the person who finds the medallion. Bring the medallion to Waseca Ace Hardware. Winner will be announced at 9:00 pm on Friday February 16th, 2024, at the Waseca VFW Club.  Clues will be published each week in the Waseca County News and New Richland Star. Clues will also be broadcast on KRUE and KOWZ Radio and will be available online at Waseca Area Chamber of Commerce at

    The hunt is sponsored by: Ace Hardware, Waseca County News, KEEN Bank, Excel Energy, KOWZ/KRUE Radio, Waseca VFW Club 1642 and M Peters Enterprises. Please thank these sponsors for supporting the 27th Annual Medallion Hunt!

    Medallion: Week 1 Clue - 2024 

    For the 27th year, the medallion hides 

    Ready to be found using only the clues as guides. 

    Chamber bucks and gifts await, 

    For the person lucked by fate. 

    Whether through wind or through snow, 

    Being winter, you just have to go. 

    Bundle up and stay warm, 

    Once pinpointed, the people will swarm.

    The medallion, safe and covered,  

    Is there and ready to be discovered. 

    Good luck to all, we wish you the best, 

    The medallion awaits, hunkered in its nest.  

    Medallion: Week 2 Clue - 2024

    We have now entered week two, 

    Which means the release of a brand new clue. 

    More information to help you in your search, 

    To find the medallion, awaiting in its perch. 

    This year is a bit unique,

    A fact, your interest, just may peek.

    Beyond city limits, by only a few feet 

    But easily accessible, not far off the street.

    To begin, think of the north. 

    Find a spot to start and go forth. 

    The medallion will be found, 

    In a nest, adjacent to the ground.  


    The 74th Sleigh & Cutter Medallion Hunt is over - the medallion has been found.

    Danielle Hasselquist (Waseca) found it on the north shore of Clear Lake hidden in the bark of a large tree close to the boat entrance.

    Thanks for your participation!